Profit Maximization

For many businesses, scaling up is a nightmare. Does every employee you hire, every customer you acquire, and every expansion you drive, actually make you tired? Are you working longer hours, although you’d thought there should be some economies of scale as the business grew? Does it feel like everyone is just piling onto an increasingly heavier anchor that you alone are dragging through the sand? This isn’t what you signed up for. It’s supposed to get easier as you scale, so what happened?

You’re experiencing the growth paradox: the belief that as you scale the company - and increase your dream team, prospects, and resources - things should get easier, but they don’t. Things get harder and more complicated.

There are predictable evolutions and revolutions as an organization grows. These are dictated by the increasing complexity that comes with adding employees, customers, product lines, locations, etc. Handling a company’s growth successfully requires three things: an increasing number of capable leaders; a scalable infrastructure; and an effective marketing function. If these factors are missing, you will face barriers to growth. Scaling up successfully requires leaders who possess aptitudes for prediction, delegation and repetition.

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