Let's Help our Youth Succeed!


Nick Petryk is a good friend of mine and Colin is my mentor and inspiration to do good in the world! They are both very passionate about helping as many teens as possible become confident, strong and well educated individuals! PLEASE help them reach their goals!
I will start things of with a $50 donation! I challenge anyone and everyone to give whatever they can afford!

Thank You!😊🤗🙏

Visit their website!  https://www.yessupercamp.com/
Nick Petryk

Family and friends. This summer we have more than 100 families on a waiting list for funding to get into YES SuperCamp this summer... our goal is to raise $25,000+ to send teenagers to camp. If we can get 5000 people to gift $5+ we can send 25+ teenagers to camp. Share, Comment, Plaster this all over the internet. 

Colin Sprake and myself had a vision when we founded YES here in Canada to send everyone to camp no matter what their situation. This is how we can start actualizing it!


Let's work together to get these teens to camp for training that will ABSOLUTELY transform their lives.

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