Affordable legal advice on a low budget.

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Affordable legal advice on a low budget.

Have you ever been in a situation where you thought you could use legal advice but knew it would be too costly just to get advice? I know I have!


I recently had a dispute with a furniture company about an item that should have been delivered, but wasn’t! I was charged $85 for delivery but not told that one of the items had to be picked up. I ended up wasting two and half weeks arguing over a $289 refund, since I wasn’t prepared to drive for an hour an half to pick up an item they had at the store at the time of the purchase. They would not send me a cheque, stating that it was against company policy and getting a refund on my credit card meant driving back to the store I was not willing to drive to pick up the item in question.


I knew I had access to a legal service that cost me less than a cup of coffee a day and decided there was no better opportunity to try it out. I call them and gave all of the details of my dispute. They drafted a letter, sent it to me for approval then proceeded to mail it the company. Within three days, I received a phone call from the General Manager at the store apologizing for the dispute going on for as long as it has. They agreed to mail out a cheque for the refund which I received 7 days later. Done!


The same service that I used, offers unlimited access to a law firm with 26 lawyers on staff, for advice, letters written and phone calls made on your behalf, contracts reviewed and a FREE Will with FREE yearly updates all for the same low monthly fee!


Now I can get legal advice for anything as small as fighting a parking ticket!



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